Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Rage

Here- this is my rage.
I made it for you.
Take it.

I took everything you've done
and much more of what you refused to do
what I needed you to do
and swallowed it

It cooked in the fire of my belly
with the pressure of my entire being
bearing down.
and I let it stay there

It is for you
beacause it is of you.
It is through you
that I received the raw supplies.
It is yours,
just as much as it is mine.

But you will not see that.

You will choose to stay blind.
That is what you do,
after all.

So you will not see yourself in it.
You will not see what you have given
that made it.
And you will do it again
to someone else.

But this,
this is mine.
Born through me,
But of you.

This is my rage.

Take it.

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