Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Break in the Storm

This is the first time I have allowed myself to give more than a cursory glance at the news in weeks.  I've been staying off MSN for anything more than a second or two once a day to see the headlines simply for the sake of my own sanity.  But this morning, watching countless videos of people recording the din outside their apartments in major cities all over the country, I started crying.

I've been too scared to let myself get optimistic.  Too cynical to let hope lead me to believe that it was only a matter of time like so many thought it was.  Too tense to let myself relax.  And I'm still not relaxed.  True to form, the toddler-in-chief is starting the hissy fit we all knew was coming by swearing that his team of lawyers will prove fraud and put all those news sources in their place for calling it.  But even with all the bullshit that will go on over the next month as he wages battles he is sure to lose, I feel confident for the first time in this race that it'll end up the way we need it to.

I'm not thinking about what will come next.  I'm not worrying about the impossible feat ahead for this new president of ours.  I'm not letting my mind drift into the future and think about logistics or senates or the political climate.  Right now I'm just thinking about the fact that there may be- for the first time in a LONG time- reason to hope.