Monday, May 23, 2016


Goal setting, while necessary and valid, can be a tricky thing.  Because no sooner can one envision a potential future than feel passion for it to happen.  Pressure for it to happen.  Expectation.  And we all know what expectations do to us.

And my logical brain wants to know why.  It wants to assign numbers and calculate likelihoods and analyze data.  And yes, if we're being perfectly honest here, it wants to blame.  My dear god does it want to blame.

But my intuitive mind, the one that doesn't feel like it's in my skull but rather my heart or perhaps my gut, knows better.  There is a quiet, gentle voice reminding me that there is a lesson in everything if I can only open myself up to it.

Not only in the moment itself- the sounds, smells, feels, tastes and sights all around me which can pull me out of that worrisome place and back to blessedly tangible reality.  But also in simply accepting rather than judging.  In asking rather than complaining.

No, things didn't go according to plan.  But what came in that plan's place? 

"Be open," the gentle whisper tells me.

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