Thursday, May 26, 2016


The sun awoke her with unrelenting heat.  It beat against her back through the open window and her skin began spitting perspiration before her mind rallied for movement.  The elements seemed to demand her attention, her action.  "I am here," it demanded.  "Get up."

As she moved through the day she felt it- beating down on her scalp, pushing up the back of her neck, filling her face with solid, heavy weight.  The weight of the sun, just as real as gravity, pushing from above rather than pulling from below.  Her skin rose to meet it and the pigment erupted and darkened.  A chemical change within her very cells as they reacted to the immutably powerful orb above.

And she remembered, always reminded, that her own sun shared these qualities.  The heat that her own body generated.  The strength of her movement, her muscle,  her core.  And she radiated outwards just as powerfully.  The sun and she, she and the sun, one and the same.

And she was.

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