Sunday, May 22, 2016

Letting Go

It was a thought so long before it became a reality that to truly understand its path from the source one would have to go back an entire lifetime.   The thought, in and of itself, was nothing revolutionary.  It was, in fact, something so commonly espoused that it was found on bumper stickers, t-shirts, billboards and hit song lyrics.  An yet the action it described was so revolutionary it was almost never seen.

Let go.  That was all.

She'd said it herself a million times to people who were compulsively obsessing over issues now long past.  Ended relationships, stupid mistakes, embarrassing moments, angry remembrances.  She'd said it in the same flippant manner everyone said it, as if it were a simple, immediate thing.  As if people didn't spend years in therapy, on religious retreats, consulting with gurus trying to understand how to do it, trying to actually bring the idea into action.

And yet now, in a situation that seemed to demand she ignore every single utterance of that word, she found it to be the easiest thing she'd ever done.  Easier than breathing, easier than blinking, easier than a thousand other automatic, unconscious behaviors she'd done innumerable times.

So with a quiet, almost inaudible exhale she did.  She let go.


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