Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Not Knowing

So here's the thing: it's not a matter of the right time or the wrong time.  It's a matter of time, as the expression goes.  It's true: we only have a limited amount of it, and we never know how much that is.  Crystal and balls and fortune tellers can't predict it.  We can't see it coming.  And nothing we will ever do will prepare us for the end (which is sort-of the whole point.)

So break the rules.  Kiss the forbidden stranger.  Light the match.  Dance in the moonlight.  Say what you're not supposed to say and do what one should never, ever do.  Be reckless and see what crazy, wonderful things come from it.

But don't- DON'T stifle it.  Don't run from it or ignore and abandon it.  DO IT.  Just take a breathe, and take that leap and see what comes next.

I promise you this: you won't know what it is until you do it.

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