Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for... and Celebrate The Small Things

J is for Jin Do

Jin Do roughly translates to "advance and retreat" and is the first form (kata) you learn when you reach 1st Dan (black belt).  Originating in southern China, it is done on a straight line and is noted for active, light movements.  It symbolizes the crane and marks the first introduction to this unusual stance.

The key to this and all one-legged stances is to bend the knee of the base leg- that's what gives you stability.  The deeper the bend, the more stable you will be in your form.  Why?  Because it orients the body vertically so that you don't lose your balance horizontally.  Turn shallow or with too much momentum and you'll fall over.  Turn sharp with fast movements up with both arms and leg while your base leg bends to ground you and your body aligns vertically, making you stable and able to maintain the stance (and kick from it, which the form has you do a lot).  I'm not gonna lie, it's a very difficult form.  But because of the skill involved it tends to be a great form to use in tournaments as it demonstrates the abilities of the performer.

Hosted by our dear friend Viklit!

This week I'm celebrating...

Spring!  Thanks to sunny days in the mid 60's my (and everyone else's) mood is up.  Flowers are blooming, there's light in the air and not even the nasal congestion can ruin the spirit of the new season.  I love spring.

Game of Thrones Season 4- Anyone else see the premier?  Are you equally ecstatic to see that it's shaping up to be yet another effing unbelievable season?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Our Home Tournament is Tomorrow!  I'm going to be competing in both open and traditional (see K) forms this time and although I'm super nervous I have reason to be damned excited because I've been practicing my ass off and even with my self critical appraisal I have to say that I'm looking better than I ever have.  Hopefully next week I'll have some great news to report...  Oh, and FYI- my tie-breaker form?  Jin Do.  (Cause like I said, it shows really well in tournaments.)  Wish me luck!

Like the crane stance?  Excited about spring?  Rabid-fanboy/girl-love for GoT?  Rocking the A to Z?  Let me know in your comments, and then hop along...


  1. Oh I'm celebrating Game of Thrones this week too!! Sooo happy it's back!

    I can't help but laugh imagining myself flat on my face if I attempted this stance. If I managed it at all, I wouldn't be able to hold it for more than a second LOL.

  2. Low center of gravity is your friend! lol! I'm also celebrating spring's arrival. FINALLY!!

  3. Good luck in the tournament!
    I'm going to try that stance and see how well I balance.

  4. I'm so glad Game of Thrones is back, it's been such a long wait!

  5. I don't have great balance, so I'd probably fall on my butt if I tried the Jin Do. haha

    Tomorrow is my birthday, so of course I'm excited for Spring! :)

    Good luck in the tournament! :D

  6. Julie- Yay GoT! And don't worry about falling on your butt- this is an upper level form so ther'e lots of practice before attempting techniques like this one.

    Ava- It is indeed. And yes, FINALLY- I feel the same!

    Alex- Thank you! I'm SUPER nervous but also way excited.

    Laura- That it has. Re-watching the first three seasons helped us occupy the time.

    Chrys- HAPPY BIRTHDAY@!@ And thank you!

  7. Ooh, maybe this will improve my balance? Yes? :)

    I'm stockpiling Game of Thrones. I like to binge watch it. ^_^
    Good luck in the Tournament!

  8. There's a lot of GoT love this week! I'll have to start watching ;)


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