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For my story, I picked the super spooky lonely road photo prompt:

And here's the story I came up with to go along with it: clocking it at 495 words, I call it:

It was taking too long- she’d never make it.  The elaborate sequin and lace mask on the passenger’s seat next to her seemed to mock her efforts as she pushed down on the gas pedal.  She cursed the accident she’d passed and all the wretched traffic it had caused, then looked on at the empty road in front of her in confusion- where had everyone gone?

A glance in the rearview mirror did nothing to allay her fears as only darkness was reflected.  It seemed like the whole world had vanished since she’d passed the twisted metal and flashing red and blue lights.

“It’s just a spooky road, Jess- get a hold of yourself!” she chastised her reflection.

Drew had always made fun of her for letting her imagination get the better of her on the last day of October.  He’d teased her for having the same fear reaction as a five year old out for their first night of trick-or-treating.  She’d always pouted at him and pointed out that lots of people believed in supernatural events and the like.  Plus what fun was the holiday without some fear?

Now he was gone, just another skeleton in her closet full of ex-boyfriends and emotional baggage.   

"Good Riddance," she said to the empty air.   

She smoothed the front of her dress and let her mind drift to thoughts of sangria cocktails and handsome faces partially obscured by masks.  She’d spent a fortune on the costume and she was planning on making it worth every single penny.  She would flirt and laugh with the abandon that one can only feel from a secret identity- the mask was her ticket to a night away from herself.  But only if she could get to the damned place.

A glance at the clock in her dashboard made her breath catch in her throat- 10:27pm?  It couldn’t be.  It had said that the last time she’d glanced at it- before she’d passed by the wreck- and she’d been driving for at least… well how long had it been?

She fumbled in her bag for her cell phone hoping to flash the true time.  She couldn’t miss this party- not after so much preparation.  She looked over to try to get a view of the messy interior and then screamed as a set of headlights appeared in front of her.  They had come without warning, blinding her and blocking out the night.  Reflexively she jerked the wheel and the car jolted to the right. There was a flash of light as the head lights filled her sight and the deafening sound of metal scraping as the cars collided.  And then… nothing.

The dark road stretched out in front of her.  The clock shone the time of her death, forever etched in the stone of time.  10:27pm.    

But she didn't know why her clock was stuck on that image, and she didn't have time to wonder.

She had a party to get to.

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  1. Awesome story! I love the atmosphere of dread that you created here, and the idea was quite creative. Well done!

  2. Loved it! Yes that never ending highway - so Twilight Zone! Honestly, a very frightening aspect and hell like situation - reliving that moment again, and again!

    Awesome Halloween fright!

  3. Ooh, scary and that last line - well done, great story.

  4. Nice story, the title 10:27 p.m suits it. Has a spooky feel to it.

  5. O...M...G!! That was pure clever and twisted. Forever cursed to that road and trying to get to that party. Thanks for partaking!

  6. Oh this is awesome. Love the title and the twist with the time - super creepy! Honestly the prompt alone scares me LOL.

    Great story, Bev!

  7. Excellent entry! This had me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for participating!

  8. Oh wow, what a great ending! Didn't see that one coming.
    Visiting from Spooktoberfest :)

  9. Love it!, especially the way the time stuck.

  10. Visiting from Spooktoberfest. An excellent read and the stopped clock was indeed a wonderful, visual moment. Following this blog in hopes of seeing more stories like this!

  11. A lesson to be learned from this piece for sure! Very intriguing story too!

  12. Hi Beverly. Great picture...great story. You really have a clever ending. Great entry. I just couldn't fit this 'fest in. D

  13. Wow, masterfully done, and those last few lines gave me chills. Brava! My own entry for Spooktoberfest should go up tomorrow.
    Some Dark Romantic

  14. Oh, this was very well done. A horrible fate indeed! The endless loop was well set up.

    I've entered Spooktober horribly late!

  15. That gave me goosebumps, girl! Loved how that ended--fantastic!

  16. All I can say is WOW! This story is not only creepy, but it's sad and heartbreaking at the same time. Very well told. Good luck. Lily

  17. Oh...! I love it. Getting trapped in 10/27... What a freaky experience. BUT now I want to know if she'll ever escape. Darn it, I'm invested in this girl!

  18. Great ending. Loved it. What happens next?

  19. I love a spooky story with a time loop!
    Happy Halloween.

  20. Congrats on winning the Spooktoberfest! It was a well-written and fun story. Happy Halloween! :-)

  21. Very spooky story... and somehow sad. Unexpected ending!
    Congratulations on winning the Spooktoberfest!


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