Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

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So I had all these pretty pictures from my travels/adventures this past week and I posted them.  Then I clicked the "Publish" button and Blogger went "uh... no?"  So I tried again.  "Uh... No.  Yeah- definitely NO."  So I tried again, and again.  "No."  Very firm, very final.  Blogger would not publish my pictures.

So this is take 2- still celebrating, but in a much less pretty way.

Sleepy Hollow V. 2.0  My dear friend from college got married this past Sunday up in Croton-on-harmon, New York.  The Blaze is in the same town.  I couldn't NOT go if I was gonna be there anyway.  So Saturday night, we drove up to Sleepy Hollow where I got to see a story teller tell the tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in the Old Dutch Church.  It was great.  Then we drove up Croton and saw the Blaze for the second time.  It was just as great as last year and I absoltuely loved it.

All You Need Is Love  Then on Sunday I got to watch my friend exchange self-written vows with her new husband.  Everything about it was beautiful- it was a gorgeous day outside in one of the nicest parks I've been in, everyone was having fun and the whole thing was just perfect.  I'm excstatic to have been able to share her day with her.

Me: The Rabid Fan Girl  Last Wednesday was our 8th anniversary and Dave surprised me with tickets to see my favorite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance live on tour!  So this Wednesday we made the short drive up to Bethlehem so see Amy, Fik-shun, Jasmine, Aaron and all the rest dance their hearts out.  I was screaming so loud I almost lost my voice.  Seriously- I'm surprised I didn't just explode with excitment.  It was so, so great.

I apologize for the lack of pictures (they were really pretty, too! *pout*)  Perhaps later when Blogger is done having a hissy fit I'll be able to post some but fornow, let's just keep the celebration going, shall we?



  1. Wow, hearing that story in that town sounds amazingly creepy. But cool :)
    Congrats to your friend and the tickets. Definitely a lot to celebrate!

  2. Congratulations to your friend and that was a nice surprise from your husband. Happy anniversary.
    And sorry about the images. Your post kept appearing in my Feedly and I wondered what was up.

  3. =( Mean blogger. It must have been something in the files, that or have you reached your file limit? I hear blogger has put a limit pictures. Are they huge files? I always cut mine down to between 1 and 300K.

  4. Blogger is having a hissy fit, isn't it, it's not letting me do the usual things either. I guess I'm still celebrating Halloween - my interview sessions took off and I have almost the entire month filled with these silly, but fun things. I am doing Spooktoberfest, and WEP's Haunted though, couldn't resist. Sorry we didn't do our thing, but we can plan bigger and better for next year! Or something for Jan / Feb when winter closes folks in and everyone's looking for fun!
    Sounds like a lovely trip - are you watching the Sleepy Hollow series?

  5. Oh, that's a shame about the pics! Blogger can be such a pain sometimes. That Sleepy Hollow trip sounds amazing! What a perfect treat for this time of year.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Yes, sometimes blogger does wacky things!

    Sleepy Hollow sounds so cool! And how awesome to get surprise tickets! So nice. :)

  7. *screams* You got to hear the Legend of Sleepy Hollow IN Sleepy Hollow!!! Okay I'm done. Lol! So much celebrate. :) Happy 8 years! And it's great you got to see some awesome live dancing. Cheers to another great week!

  8. A Blogger bummer... so sorry!
    And congrats on your 8th anniversary surprise!
    What a treat! *high-5's*

  9. Sounds like a great week, even if the pics didn't come through on your blog. Maybe next week?

  10. Sounds like you have some pretty amazing things to celebrate!


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