Thursday, October 3, 2013


As the moon crept high into the black night her skin began to buzz like an electrical current.  The hairs on her arm rose as if posting a defense against the sting of the cold air, then erupted forth, flowing over her like magma.  

She tried to breath, to cool herself with the frigid blackness of night.  But her throat burned as the muscles pulled and stretched.  A low growl issued forth, independent of her will, and she could only listen to the gravely sound.

She gave up fighting and doubled over as her back arched and snapped.  Her limbs twisted and turned underneath her like heavy machinery.  Her mouth snarled with the new teeth rupturing from within.  Her body vaulted and rose, then fell with the final exhale of humanity.

She stood and the light of the lunar sky caressed her fur.  Her lungs swelled in her chest.  Howl.


  1. I had to read this with "Bark at the Moon" in the background. The transformation should never be fun!

  2. Very cool, great descriptive writing of her transformation Bev. ^_^

  3. Cool story! Great descriptive writing of her transformation. ^_^

  4. Great, great depiction. I love werewolves.

  5. I think this is the best transformation description I've read. So detailed! Woof woof.

  6. Wow-- that was descriptive! I could totally picture it.


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