Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy Day

Why, you may wonder since I only hit par on my word count today, was the day so busy?  I will tell you.  It's because I got up early to take a three hour trek up to visit my parents, spent most of the day with them playing pinochle and eating my father's heavenly made-from-scratch chicken noodle soup and then drove back home.  I am sleepy beyond reason and could so easily have passed out on the couch as soon as I got in the door.

But I didn't.  I pushed through the non-stop yawns and wrote out 1770 words.  New words, mind you.  My head start is finished and I am now 100% on my own with nothing to guide me but a whole bunch of grandiose ideas which may or may not ultimately end up having anything to do with my story. 

And that's the main idea behind this whole adventure, isn't it?  Writing when you haven't got time to write.  Piecing together a story from a mass of crazy ideas and images in your head.  Barreling forward like a blind man in an explosives factory and hoping for the best.  That is the nature of this particular beast.  So I gotta give myself credit for living up to the true spirit of the adventure.  Credit, and permission to go to bed early.

16,421 words and counting.

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