Thursday, September 17, 2009


We like to think we make progress. We like to think that we, at the very least, change. That we grow into something better. Maybe not that different, maybe not wise, but something better.

And maybe we do change. maybe we see things slightly differently. But what if we haven't changed, what if just our surroundings have? What if we are, despite the years and the challenges and the supposed strength and the introspection and the purposeful, conscious behavior changes... What if underneath all that we're still the same?

Fearful, reactionary, neurotic, impulsive, naive, self-loathing... not really any different. Maybe in a different place. Maybe looking a bit different on the outside. Maybe with a nicer title or more stuff. But deep in the eyes there's still that little kid peering through and wondering what's gonna happen next.

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