Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tuesday at the Supermarket

He checked his wrist watch for the thirteenth time that hour. He normally wasn’t this antsy only half way through the shift but he wanted that mint condition 1848 Liberty Seated half dollar so bad he couldn’t think about anything else and the e-bay auction was ending at 8am. Besides, he thought to himself, if Sparkshollow41 beat him out on another rare piece he was going to hunt him down and kill him.

He’d finished with all the facing two hours ago and because the new trucks didn’t arrive until tomorrow there was little to do. So he stood at the register cleaning up random receipt rolls, dusting and checking his watch.

He found himself daydreaming about the possibility of nearing the completion of his half dollar collection by acquiring this new piece as he mindlessly hummed to himself. It was in this state that he found himself singing along in a terrible falsetto to “Girls just wanna have fun” without even noticing that an actual customer had approached his isle and was unloading their things. It wasn’t until his repletion of “They just wanna, they just wanna” was interrupted by an unassuming but distinct throat clearing that he even looked up.

He was greeted by a raised eyebrow from an older gentleman who was holding out his pricechopper card to him. He instantly stopped singing and reached for the card to scan. Upon returning it to the man he felt an inexplicable need to defend himself.

“What else are you gonna do at 2:30 am on a Tuesday night?” he asked.

The man looked back at him with a slight smirk and answered “Fair enough.”

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