Monday, September 14, 2009

The Promise of Fall

Nothing's actually changed and yet today I feel different. Not a lot, no sudden mood change lightening my view or making me less cynical than I have been, nothing magical. it hope, maybe? Lord knows I've been missing that lately.

I'm wearing a sweater which is, in my humble opinion, the greatest article of clothing ever invented. Would that I could knit one for myself... And yeah, I'm a little warm, but it's just cool enough that I can get away with it. Most people (at least the ones I tend to encounter) hate the cool weather. They crave sunlight, look forward to summer, and actually have the nerve to say that it's too cold out whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees. I always tell them to move to Florida or shut the hell up.

There's the faintest scent in the air, carried on the ever so slightly cooler breeze, that reminds me of fall. Not real fall when the grain is harvested and the scent of apples, pumpkins, baked goods and leaves is crisp and sharp in the cold air. But ever the slightest hint of something that I haven't smelled in months. Something vaguely bucolic that brings up images of harvests and farms.

The days are getting noticeably shorter and I can't help but be reminded of the fact that Halloween is coming. Is there any greater holiday? I used to think it was Christmas but that's been so commercialized that it's hard to feel quite as passionate about it. But Halloween? To me that's still sacrosanct, even with the capitalism.

And even my job in which I've become inured to hopelessness doesn't bother me quite as much today. Again, not because there's any real sign of change. But perhaps because fall is coming and it reminds me that the year will end I feel ever the tiniest bit of hope for change.

Whatever the reason, i'm grateful.

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