Thursday, March 10, 2016


This morning I felt myself changed.  Lighter, stronger, firmly ok in spite of everything.  I know I can't count on this- things could change at any moment.  But in this moment, the only one that's real, I'm fine.

My breath is easy, my brow loose, my body rests without holding onto anything.

My mind shifts focus slowly, like a light breeze.  No pressure, no fear, no resistance.  Thoughts, images and memories come and go.  I can accept and let go without fighting.  Easy.

It's the thing we're always chasing- that ability, that moment, that epiphany.  Seeing the world changing around you and standing perfectly still in the middle of it.  But like all the things we so desperately seek it only comes in the quiet calm.  When we stop seeking and just are.

And for this moment, just this one moment, I am.  And no matter what happens next I know that I can be.

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