Friday, April 12, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

Hello all!  And Happy Friday!  Here is my list for the week.  Read, enjoy, and hop along to another blog on the list at the bottom to spread the love!

Daily Posting:  In the midst of the A to Z challenge, of course my number one celebration is about writing, namely that I've been doing it everyday.  Now, that was not the recommendation for the challenge- they recommend that you schedule your posts ahead of time, write them as much ahead of time as possible, and post them ahead of time so that the bulk of your time could be spent commenting.  While I understand this guideline, this is not how I've been doing it.  I've been posting one at a time, written one day at a time.  And I think it's actually working.  It's not only allowing me to come up with the ideas for each little story organically, but it's forcing me to write every single day which is a big deal for me.  A really big deal.

Spring has officially sprung:  I know that this is old news calendar-wise but it seems new landscape-wise.  I'm not entirely sure when it happened but it seems like over night every tree that blossoms has blossoms on it!  Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, even the weeping willow at work is covered in blossoms.  It was like one day every tree just popped with color and walking my dog got a whole lot more lively.  It's been a real pick-me-up.

New Dish:  I tried a new recipe this week- lemon roasted chicken.  While a tad dry it came pretty darn well for my first time and was easy enough to make that I can add it to my rather limited repertoire.  Cooking healthy is something that I desperately need to do more often and having simple, easy-to-make meals that are good for you is a necessity to making that happen, so this was a big win.

Now hop along and enjoy the small things all around!

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  1. Ooh, lemon roasted chicken sounds delicious. I need to find some new recipes so I might have to give that a try :)

    1. Happy to share the recipe if you want. It's mainly lemons and onions with a few really basic spices mixed in, super easy.

  2. A blog hop within a blog hop? How delicious!

  3. Lemon roasted chicken? Sounds wonderful!


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