Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things for April 19th

Thanks to VikLit for Creating this!

Every Single Day:  So this is a repeat from last week, but no less of a big deal.  Thanks to the A to Z challenge (We're on Q already, can you believe it?) I have been-consistently- writing every single day!  For some writers, writing every single day is as natural as breathing in that if they're alive, they're doing it.  That's never been me.  This practice has been phenomenal for me and I'm so thrilled at my progress this month.

Connecting:  40 followers!  WOOT!~ more people have followed me this month through the A to Z Challenge than have in the entire existence of this blog.  Seriously.  And what's more, they're all really awesome writers with their own amazing posts for the A to Z challenge.  While I'm overdue to catch up on commenting on all the new, amazing people I've followed this month I am thrilled that they're reading my stories and (amazingly enough) actually seem to like them!  And this weekend I plan to be up to date with all of my comments, which means there's lots of good writing in my future!

Open House for the new OS at work:  Yesterday was the "Open House" for the new clinical documentation program at work.  They opened up the conference room, plugged in some workstations to show us the screen layouts and how to click around to find everything and it definitely looks way more advanced than the system we're currently using. I'm a little dubious since the last system they tried to switch the hospital to failed epically so I'm waiting till it actually goes live to be really excited about it.  BUT, they brought a really nice spread of food to the open house so I got a free lunch!  Is hard to top free lunch.

And now I invite you to once again hop along and celebrate with all the other awesome writers.  Happy Friday!

This is a Blog Hop!



  1. Yes! Celebrate the followers. The A-Z Challenge has certainly put me in touch with so many amazing people. It's great to connect with them and find out about their interests :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm glad I found a new writer to follow!

  3. Sounds like you're having a good week! :)

  4. Hi there :)
    You are a great friend to have and to show my appreciation, I have nominated you for an award.
    Do come by the link below to know the rules and also do check out the person who nominated me :)
    A Liebster Award For You!

  5. Yay for free lunch! And yes, blog hops are fantastic for meeting new people. Your enthusiasm has me all excited! I hope you get another 40 followers and have a lovely week! :-)

  6. I agree and while I haven't post for 'celebrate' I too celebrate the challenge and the folks participating. An awesome challenge, a real task, but exciting too! Especially meeting new folks!

  7. Good luck with the new computer system at work. I know how frightening and stressful that can be. Glad you are having a successful challenge and I hope to catch up with your writing.


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