Friday, October 28, 2011

On Halloween Treats

I am a baker.  I’m not a frequent baker but when I bake, I go all out.  Halloween is one of those times when it’s no holds barred for me in the kitchen.  Both because of my fondness for the holiday as well as the fact that Halloween treats are pretty special in their own right.

Monster’s toes.  Mini mummies.  Cheesy eye balls.  Ghoul’s grog.  What other time of the year do you get the chance to create delicious confections that look like disgusting monster’s body parts or ingredients in a witch’s brew?  One of my favorites?  The aforementioned monster’s toes that look like their name but taste like their ingredients- chocolate covered pretzels.  (The chocolate is green and the toenails are almond slices.)  They tend to go over well.
Usually, I display my baking abilities at my annual Halloween party.  This year, for a variety of reasons, I didn’t host one.  But I love baking and can’t skip the opportunity to make my favorite Halloween treats.  So I was up till super late last night making tons of sugary treats for my co-workers which I served at our monthly potluck.  And I did host in my office, since I covered my office in Halloween decorations at the beginning of the month.  And, because I do usually host my own parties, I had tons of left over Halloween plates and cups and napkins and my creepy lack-o-lantern tablecloth.
While no one was in costume, it was still a great little party.  And all my co-workers complemented me on the food, which is half the reason I bake anyway.  That and the fact that there’s nothing better than a big plate of monster’s toes.

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