Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Starting

As I've said, fall is my favorite season. It's not just the cooler temperature or the scent of harvested crops carried on the wind, or the apples or pumpkins or even the fact that Halloween is fast approaching. It's the colors.

It's like that painting that you absolutely love, tucked away in the corner of the gallery, that takes your breath away is suddenly everywhere you look. The entire world sets itself on fire with reds, oranges, yellows- everywhere you look. Just driving around town becomes a sightseeing adventure as you notice the beginnings of color peering out from the mass of green everywhere. It's amazing- it happens every single year and it still takes my breath away.

Right now is just the beginning. There are just bits of color hidden in the green everywhere you look. That giant tree has a spot- almost like someone took a picture and spilled ketchup on it. That new sapling has a tinge of purple that wasn't there before. There's a vine creeping up the side of that building that's bright red, but all the rest of its brethren are still green.

But day by day, the colors will spill out. That spot will turn into a large shape. All the saplings there will turn bright purple. Those vines will all light up, like Christmas lights. It's gonna happen fast.

And then, later on in the season, the ground will be littered with a blanket of browns and yellows and golds as the leaves fall and cover the ground. That field will be scattered with brightly colored leaves as they blow through the wind like glitter. The entire horizon will be an explosion of color- the sun reflecting off so many brightly colored surfaces you almost go blind when you walk out your door in the morning. It's truly awesome- in the original sense of the word.  And as I step outside and take a breath, my day gets just a little bit brighter.

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