Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reading List

There's a scene in the movie Eat, Pray, Love (which is a pretty good representation of the book on the whole) in which my idol Liz Gilbert- played by the brilliant Julia Roberts- is standing at the counter of a book store, being rung up for a whole stack of books about getting over loss, starting over and rebuilding, and the like.  Her face had the characteristic puffy eyes and red cheeks of someone who's been crying heavily and often, and her body carries the exhaustion of someone who has been completely and utterly drained.  The cashier, infuriatingly helpful, points out "You know there's a whole section on divorce."

This was me today, standing at the counter in Barnes and Noble and bitching about the number of journals designed for couples in love to tell their stories and the complete and total lack of journals designed for people in my situation.  Hating myself for playing the part so completely while remembering that scene so very well.  Wondering how in the hell I got to this point in my life and thinking cynically that everyone will end up here at some point.


  1. That is sad. It's good you have that scene with Julia Roberts to relate to (and I am very happy that you did *not* have an obnoxious cashier speak to you like in the movie...)

    I'm so sorry.


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