Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things- August 9th

Hosted by the fabulous VikLit.  Click here for all the info.

It's been an up and down week for me with lots of challenges and exciting things.  First, the challenges: I was not invited for a second interview (not that I'm surprised given how poorly the first one went) and I'm suffering from a distinct absence of inspiration for writing (those dang muses never show up when you want 'em to) and thus have nothing for this week's Friday Flash (but I WILL next week!).   So much for the downs.

Now to the ups, since that is the point of all this.

IWSG was, as always, wonderful.  It is so reassuring to hear other amazingly talented authors share the same fears that plague me.  It lifts me up, gives me hope and makes me feel human.  I love the community of writers and am so, so grateful for events like IWSG and this.  You all rock!

And secondly I joined my gym's tournament team!  What does that mean, you ask?  It means that I will be competing in local martial arts tournaments.  I'll have much, much more to say on that once things get started but for now suffice it to say it's a reason to celebrate!

And last but certainly NOT least, Today is the finale of the Tree of Life: Branching Out collaborative writing project over at Sam's. It has been such a thrill to be part of this thing and I owe Sam a HUGE thanks for organzing this trully inspired project. And I owe a huge thanks to the other amazing writers who participated and everyone who read and commented along the way. Really, it's been a blast! Head on over here to read the whole story- beginning to end- if you missed any of it.

And don't forget to comment because there's still time to win an autographed copy of the music that inspired it all- The Tree of Life by Audiomachine. Winners will be announced August 17th so get those comments up and vote for your favorite entry!

Now hop along blogger buddies, and keep the celebration going!



  1. Good for you for seeing the "ups" in spite of the "downs." And good luck on the tournament team! It sounds tough. :)

  2. Competing in the martials arts tournament sounds cool. Good luck.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed by the martial arts, I have no ability in that sort of thing at all. Best of luck!

    Sorry you had some downs but glad you had some positives too. Take care!

  4. The Tree of LIfe video Elise made was awesome. Sounds like you had a good week.

  5. I don't know where I would be without the writing community. :)

    A martial arts tournament sounds exciting. I hope you learn a lot and do well!

  6. Sorry you didn't get a call back, but that just means there are better opportunities out there for you!

    Hope you have fun on the martial arts team!

  7. Sorry about not getting a second interview. But the good looks like they outweigh that negative. Awesome job getting on your gym's martial arts tournament team. Oss!

  8. Yes, it's hard when we have the calling to write, but it's more difficult than we hope it will be.

    I wish the door to open soon to the job you're meant for. And a martial arts team sounds wonderful. Congrats! Writer’s Mark

  9. I am sorry you didn't get a 2nd interview, but am sure something great will be round the corner! YAY to tournament team.


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