Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things- Bev the Job Searcher

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I wrote on here not too long ago about my excitement over getting my license and how many potential new jobs would be open to me because of this.  Well, despite all those new jobs potentially utilizing my license I haven't actually been all that active in seeking them out.  I've applied to precisely three jobs since I got it.  One got back to me last week saying that the position had been filled and as time passed I feared that the other applications had fallen into some black hole in the internet never to be seen again.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to get the call inviting to do a phone interview.

I was super prepared- I researched the company, wrote down questions I was going to ask, came up with narratives about why I'd be perfect for the position, planned to be home in plenty of time so that I could be calm, cool and collected when the interviewer called- the whole nine.  Well, you know what they say about best laid plans, right?  She called a half hour early while I was in the car on my way home from work; I had to pull over and park the car so that I could talk to her.

Rather than being at home with all my notes carefully laid out in front of me I was bent over the passenger's seat fumbling for my folder (thank goodness I had it with me!).  Because of this I was a bit frazzled in my responses, missed asking about 90% of the questions I wrote down, overemphasized some things and missed emphasizing others.  All in all it did NOT go the way I planned.

But more than one person has told me that they've been hired at jobs for which they thought they interviewed really, really poorly.  I don't think I interviewed poorly, I just didn't interview in the flawlessly spectacular way I had set out to.  Only time will tell if I did well enough to land that all important second interview.

Still, regardless of the outcome, I'm incredibly grateful for the movement on the job front, especially after so many weeks of waiting.  I'm grateful that my application and resume didn't fall into some black hole and that I now have a bona fide contact person at this company I so want to work for.  I'm grateful for whatever performance I gave under pressure and I'm especially grateful for my friends and family who have been consoling me that it probably didn't go nearly as badly as I think it did.  Other than that all I can say is: Wish me luck!

What are you all celebrating this week?


  1. I hope everything goes well on the job front!

  2. Fingers crossed you get called for a second interview.

  3. Congratulations! I'm sure you did better than you think, especially if you let them know you were on the road when they called.
    Good luck, but know the right position is out there for you!

  4. Calling thirty minutes early - not fair! Did you tell her where you were at the time? Maybe she'd cut you some slack. Either way, you got through it and proved you could work well under pressure.

  5. Fingers crossed that you get the job. I am celebrating a decent writing week.

  6. Congrats on the interview! I'm sure it went better than you thought, and try not to beat yourself up over it. Like you said, you now have a contact person, and proof that your applications are getting through.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  7. Good thoughts that you will get a job!

    As for celebrating, I finally made a decision, and managed to get it into action with discussion, and not turning into raging crazy woman. Trust me, that is worth celebrating!


  8. Congratulations - getting an interview is the first step! I hope you are celebrating a job next Friday!

    Stopping by from the VikLit's hop...

    Brandy's Bustlings

  9. hopeful for things to work out for you! glad you are moving to the next step!


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