Monday, October 19, 2009

Ode to the Treehouse of Horror

Of all the Halloween traditions that I wait for with baited breath, the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror has got to be among the top five.  What could be better than settling in on the couch with your favorite tv snacks and watching a re-cap of the year's trends, movies, news events and favorite plays performed by the characters we've grown to love over twenty years of hilarity?  I look forward to it with the same excitement I hold for Halloween itself.  Just as the leaves turning, the air cooling, the days shortening and the apples ripening means fall is here The Simpson's annual Halloween show means that my favorite holiday is just round the corner.


  1. I always hated that it came too early. There's another Sunday before Halloween! Quit getting your Halloween episode out of the way so early! Premature ejaculators, those October Simpsonians.

  2. Actually, this was the first time in ten years that episode actually aired before Halloween. Usually it's the week after. ^_^


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