Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Sadhana

 As always, a huge shout out to Ninja Minion Master Captain Alex and his army of ninja minions

My Theme: Yoga.  For those of you who don't know, I've been working on obtaining my yoga teacher's certification for the past year and am just a little over a month from graduating with my RYT200.  As such, I figure there's no better way to spend this month than teaching you folks some of what I've learned.
Sadhana means "inner alter" and is used to describe one's personal spiritual process.  For practitioners it usually involves some asana (usually ones that nourish a deficient chakra), meditation, artistic expression and some kind-of ritual designed to enhance one's relationships with a higher power.
For personal reasons, it exist to nourish one in the way they need to be nourished For ethical reasons, it exists to keep a yoga teacher's classes focused on the needs of the students (because that teacher is meeting their own needs within their sadhana).
 For me, my sadhana consists of meditating, chanting Om seven times to align each of my seven chakras, and trying to be open to what the universe has to offer me on a given day.  I do it every morning before I start my day with the hopes that it will allow me to be mindful, focused and aligned.  

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