Friday, December 13, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things for December 13

Happy Friday, all!  Be sure to check out our hostess Viklit for the full list of celebrators!

My celebrations this week:

It's Official  I got my official offer letter, signed about a billion different forms for HR, scheduled trainings and put in my letter of resignation at my current job.  My co-workers are sad but happy for me and I think it worked out really nicely that I'll be able to celebrate the holidays with them, finish the year and then move on.  I will always be grateful for my time here- it's the best group of co-workers I've ever had and I'm going to enjoy my remaining time with them as much as humanly possible.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas  Monday night I put on The Muppet Christmas Carol (which is, in case you didn't know, the best version of The Christmas Carol that was ever made), pulled out boxes from the basement and decorated the house.  My tree is brightening up the living room, I've got a wreath on my front door and the stockings are, in fact, hung by the chimney with care.  I've also got Christmas lights and garland up on my office walls at work and I've been listening to Christmas music on Pandora while writing up all my notes.  I think I needed to have everything settled with the job before really getting into the swing of things but I'm happy to be merry and festive now.

Snow!  Here in PA we got hit by two consecutive snowstorms followed by highs in the 20s for several days so the snow is sticking around and making me very happy when all those snow-themed Christmas songs play on the radio.  Last year we had no snow to speak of and for a person who loves snow that’s a sad state of affairs.  Granted, by the time we get hit with the next major storm they’re predicting I may be getting irked by sore shoulders while clearing off my car and shoveling- but for now I’m happy to see the winter wonderland everywhere I look.

Thank god for Amazon  Christmas shopping = done!  I don’t know why anyone goes to the mall.  Seriously.

And now, as always, hop along and spread the love!



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow! Stay warm, and enjoy your holiday decorations before you start your new job! :)

  2. Amazon has made Christmas shopping easier. So has creating pacts with good, broke friends to not spend money on each other for the holiday. When we get together next year? All deals are off.

    I ought to watch the Muppet Christmas movie again sometime. It's been decades...

  3. Oh my gosh, The Muppet's Christmas Carol is the bestest!!! I watch it every year. And sing along, of course. ^_^

    I'm so happy about your new job. It's great that the new year will bring all these new things into your life.

    Also, I second the Amazon shopping. No crowds. They ship fast. And they have half of everything. ^_^

  4. Yay for the snow, enjoy that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling :)

  5. Congrats on the job!!!! And the snow is really wonderful, isn't it???

  6. Glad your new job is official now!
    I have to agree - that is the best version of A Christmas Carol.

  7. Sounds like you've had a great week! We'll be decorating the house this weekend or early next week, and my Christmas shopping is done…but not totally wrapped yet. :)

  8. No fair, I love snow and we never get any here! It's not even cold here yet, really. I'm starting to feel Christmassy now, I can't believe it's so close! I'm hoping to get a lot of shopping done today (on Amazon, of course!)

  9. Congrats on everything being official now, yay!
    I so love the Muppets!! This picture alone made me smile. And I'm so with you on malls, I can bear to go to them anymore. To me Amazon is one of the best inventions ever LOL.

    Happy weekend!

  10. I don't know where I would be without online shopping. Going out into the world this time of year scares me. I like having the presents delivered right to my door. :)

  11. Congrats on the officialness of the job - wahoo!

    I need to watch that version, I don't think I ever have. :)

  12. Congrats on your new position!! I'm celebrating 1.) living at the beach in California, 2.) finding out my tooth does not have to be pulled--it's a sinus infection!, and 3.) having my YA horror story, Death House, get accepted for publishing (woo hoo!), and the release of my short story, "Christmas After All" in A Touch of Winter anthology. Happy Holidays!
    ~Carole Avila

  13. Hurrah to the official offer letter! And yes a good time of year for the new start!

  14. I remember that version of the Christmas Carol! "The Love is Gone" -- such a memorable tune.

  15. Love the Muppets Christmas Carol. Congrats on the job. I'm jealous about the snow. Not much of that in SW Louisiana. I go to the mall to observe and often laugh at people. It's fun to think about the things we celebrate.


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