Friday, September 20, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

It's Friday!  Which means it's time, once again, to Celebrate the Small Things with our host Viklit.

This week I'm celebrating:

Awesome Authors  On Monday I featured two amazing authors as part of Writers 4 writers and announced Yolanda's book giveaway winner.  On Tuesday I featured Alex Cavanaugh for the release of the final book in his best selling trilogy (release week is still going on today, BTW.  If you haven't commented on Alex's blog yet go there and comment for a chance to win CassaStorm swag!)  And on Wednesday I posted the review of Elizabeth Gilbert's first collection of short stories, Pilgrims, which I absolutely loved.  It's been an awesome week!

Cooler Weather  It's been dropping down into the fifties most nights and I've actually needed my jacket!  Granted, it climbs back up into the high seventies during the day- but still.  The crisp air holds the promise of fall and I'm scenting it like a hound.  My favorite season approaches...

At long, long last: Vacation  Today is my last day of work until the following Monday (the 30th).  That's 9 full days away from work!  And no, unfortunately, I won't be relaxing the entire time- I'm helping to do team tournament stuff on Saturday and Sunday is reserved for seriously unpleasant but very necessary household chores.  But after that I'm free for an entire week!  It's the first week off of work I've had in over a year and I so, SO need it!  I will be blogging about all the fun activities we do next week, so if you're interested stop by.

And now it is time for you lovely folks to hop along!  Happy Friday!



  1. Enjoy your time off! Don't spend too much time on housework - it's only going to get dirty again anyway. :)

  2. Enjoy your week of freedom!
    Cooler weather is one thing I like about the fall.
    And it has been an awesome week. Thanks for helping with the launch!

  3. Enjoy your time away from work. Definitely something to celebrate - vacation!

  4. All such great things to celebrate including all the book releases! What fun.

    Enjoy your vacation. :)

  5. Most people are lamenting the coming of the cool weather. I'm glad you are celebrating it. Enjoy your vacation.

  6. Enjoy your vacation! My hubby is off next week too, I hope we get lots done around the house, and even get a chance to go to the beach again. It's a perfect time for it!

    Celebrating with you!

  7. wow so many great things to celebrate. I hope you have a lovely weekend and just as much to celebrate next week :)

  8. Enjoy your vacation! I hope you have a great time. And soak up that cool weather--you can send some my way if you get tired of it! :)

  9. Enjoy your 9 days away from work!
    And try to fit in some time for relaxation!

  10. Vacations are definitely cause for celebration!! Have a great week off!

    And I hear you about the weather. It's been so nice. A little warmer where I am, but still perfectly comfortable. I love fall. :)


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