Sunday, December 25, 2011

Buddy's First Christmas

As I said yesterday, there were many wonderful things these past days that made the holiday truly joyous for me.  Visiting two families, two huge delicious dinners, two sets of gifts to unwrap.  But among all the amazing and wonderful attractions that made this holiday the one that got the most attention at both venues was Buddy.

He was passed around like a hash pipe at a bake-in: no one could get enough of him.  And despite the fact that he spent the night in a strange house, despite the fact that he was in the car for a collective total of over six hours in the two days, despite visiting two unfamiliar places and being passed around by a host of strange people he handled it all like a pro.  There was no destruction of things he might have chewed on, nothing got peed on, no one got growled at.  He seemed to know that however strange his surroundings might be he was in the company of people who thought the world of him.

He even let us put his Christmas outfit- a little Santa hat and matching collar- on him.  He hated every second of it, of course, but he conceded to be photographed and cooed at by us crazy humans. 

And I must say, it was nice to have everyone get such a kick out of something that sometimes drives us nuts and whom we can take for granted.  It served as a nice reminder that among all the great gifts we received this year the biggest gift of all was most certainly Buddy.

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