Saturday, June 11, 2011

Me and My Shadow

Buddy is a very comical looking dog.  He’s so tiny that when he starts barking at other dogs or people they can’t help but go “Awww- look at the big, mean doggy!” in a cutesy baby voice.  We even bought him a colar with skulls and crossbones on it to drive the point home.  We considered naming him Killer, but decided he’s got enough going against him already, being the cutest little thing on the planet.

So with his frightening physical appearance it’s no wonder that he is chicken shit scarred of everything.  And I do mean everything.  Including himself, as evidenced by the crazy barking fit he had when he first discovered his reflection.  Well, the same thing happened when he discovered his shadow.

We were out for a walk at night and I had the flashlight on so I could see where I was going and to enable me to pick up his business when he was done.  We’d made our usual loop around the block and gotten back to our house when he stopped.  I noticed him pulling on the leash so I stopped to see what he was doing.  Rather than sniffing some fascinating scent on the ground as I expected him to be he was in a tensed position, staring out at something.  I looked over to the side of our house and there it was- his shadow.  because of my flashlight it was, by all rights, a lot bigger than he is.  But it was still in his terribly cute shape.

Just as I was about to call him he growled.  He put his legs back, leaned forward and growled as loud as he could.  At his shadow.  I, of course, burst out laughing.  And as if this wasn’t funny enough, he ran forward barking at it and then got terribly confused when it got smaller and less threatening.  He was fascinated by this shadow dog for a solid ten minutes before his tiny attention span moved on to the next distraction and there was no point in time that he seemed to gain any concept that that shadow dog barking at him was nothing other than him.

Much like his evil twin, I imagine it will be a long rivalry.

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