Saturday, November 6, 2010


3000 words in two hours!  Yippee!  Although it's really just catching up because I was so woefully behind.  (Still a bit behind, but in MUCH better shape than I was.)  But still, i'm excited.  And I figured out a few more keys to writing for NaNo:
1)  Fantasy wins over reality, always.  Do not question your characters, do not judge them, do not wonder if this is something that would actually take place or not.  Just write, don't think.
2)  Let yourself reminisce a little.  Especially if you're writing about something real.  I just wrote three pages worth of description about my college because that's where my story is set.  I changed a few of the names to try to fictionalize things but for the most part it was a love letter to Bennington.  And you know what?  That totally works for this story.
3)  Visual descriptions help.  They may not move the plot forward in any useful way and they may not even enrich the depth of your writing style (no way to tell until I go back and read it and I'm NOT allowing myself to do that.)  But they build your word count A LOT.
4)  When all else fails, extend your dialog.  So your characters are needlessly verbose, who cares?  I have some ridiculously talkative friends in real life so it's not a huge stretch.
There are more lessons to be learned, I'm sure.  And  a hell of a lot more writing to do.  I HAVE to break five digits this weekend and then some if I want to have any chance of getting ahead of the game.  But if I can keep this up for a couple of more hours and then do a few hours tomorrow I'll be in good shape for that.  Always better to use the weekend when you don't have work and daily life crap to suck out all your energy.
Off I go!

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