Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things- Happy 4th of July!

Thanks to our host Viklit and co-hosts Diana Wilder, L.G. Keltner, Cyborg Mom and CaffeMaggieato!

This Week I'm Celebrating...

Running!  Over the past week I've made my way up from 3.1 to 3.5 miles at a clip.  At this point I only technically need to be at 3.1 since my first real 5K race is on the 12th (!) but I'm trying to ramp it up since I have a 10K next month.  In November- and this is the biggie- I'm doing the Philadelphia half marathon!  I've got roughly 5 months to get up to snuff for that so it's running, running, running for me.  I'll let you know how the races go as they come up.

Without getting too wordy, let me just say that I'm still sort-of in shock that I can do this.  Like I said, I was never a runner and in some ways believed that I lacked the constitution to ever be one.  Every time I get on the track I question whether or not I can make it- and then every time I prove myself wrong by hitting my goal.  It's an internal battle every time- that voice in my head saying I can't, me pushing on and conquering.  And it's giving me a sense of empowerment that is very much translating to me believing in myself overall.  It's starting to make me wonder how many other things I've always said I couldn't do that I'm actually perfectly capable of doing- a question I plan to answer in a variety of different endeavors over the course of my life.  As much as I wish I had started to figure this stuff out a long time ago I'm grateful that it's happening now.  I'm coming into my own and it's an amazing feeling.

Time Off  I have today off, which is awesome, but I also took Monday off because it's been so long since I had a long break I can't remember when it was.  Today I'm making pancakes *yum!* and we've got lots of gaming planned (Lego Marvel Superheroes- so fun!).  Tomorrow is Dave's mother's retirement party which involves a big, fancy dinner in NYC for which I purchased a new pretty dress.  Sunday and Monday call for general relaxation and simply enjoying not being at work.  Ah, Bliss!

And, of course, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  To all of my friends here in the states, here's hoping you have a wonderful, relaxing and fun holiday!  Watch some fireworks, eat some barbecue and live it up!  And to all my friends elsewhere in the world: Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend, all!



  1. Enjoy your pancakes and games today!
    I was never a runner either, but now I enjoy it. Proves we're both more capable than we thought.

    1. That it does, and five miles a day is impressive! I think that'd be good for me to be able to do by November (obviously with at least one long run during the week so I've done the full 13.1 at least once by marathon time!)
      Happy 4th, Alex!!!

  2. Good luck with your 10K and your half marathon! You are right, a brisk start, but one that lets you ease into a faster pace will help you preserve your energy. But the urge to all out sprint at the start, especially in a race situation when the adrenalin is flowing is hard to fight. I admire your determination to complete these races. I bet you are feeling great about yourself! You should!

  3. Long weekends are the best. ^_^
    Yes, DO keep us updated about the races! It's such a great goal to shoot for and you're making such good progress on it already! This is inspiring. Not sure I want to run, but I can do other things. :)
    You know, there's no time like today to start embracing change in our lives.

  4. Go you with the running. Good luck in your 5K.

  5. Have an excellent Fourth! And happy running!

  6. Good for you for battling that inner voice...and winning! Enjoy your fancy dinner and relaxing Sunday and Monday!

  7. Breaks give you time to recharge and reorganize. Run, eat, enjoy!

  8. Congrats on exceeding your running goals! That is awesome--I'm glad you're carrying that confidence into other areas of your life :)

  9. Jeeze, you're nimble! Go Bev, go!


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