Friday, April 23, 2010

The Price of Becoming a Master Multitasker

I recently began a job as a program manger.  I quickly learned the meaning of being a manger: problem solving, fire extinguishing and never ending multitasking.  Given that I was thrown head first into a relatively sink or swim position I quickly adapted and although it's only been a short time I'd like to think that I've significantly improved my ability to multitask.  It's great in some ways.  I cover a lot of different tasks and switch back and forth based on what's going most wrong at the moment.  It helps with crisis management.

The drawback is the mental strain of doing such an activity all day long.  At the end of the day, sitting in my car and taking the long drive back home I find myself suffering from ADD.  Just the like the commercials: "It's like you're watching a broken t.v. that changes channels every five seconds."

What am I going to make for dinner?  Did they fix the stupid construction on this road?  Whatever happened to Tiffany, anyway?  Oh yeah, like you're going to get there any faster than I will, you douche.  That's the car from that Adam Sandler song- how did it go?  "Piece of shit car..."  Way to go, buddy- the muffler louder than a Harley really makes you cool.  Maybe I should make meatballs.  What do I have at home?  Oh, I gotta call Nicole in the morning and ask her how to fill out that form.  Shit, did I fax in that incident report?  God, I gotta get some sleep.

I can feel my head spinning and I can't grasp any one thing.  And it's odd because as exhausted and completely fried as I am I'm also horrifically keyed up and racing with ideas that might be really good if I could hold onto any one long enough to actually take action.  Like this entry, for example.  It sounded a heck of a lot cooler in my head.

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