Sunday, June 30, 2013

Looking For An Awesome Way To Celebrate July 4th?

Tired of the fireworks?   Still full of BBQ from Memorial Day?  Just need a break from the same ol' Independence Day routine?  Well, look no further than the fiction of Eric J. Krause who, this July 4th, will be giving away a copy of his YA fantasy featuring two of America's favorite pastimes: baseball and... aliens? 
Way Over the Line tells the story of baseball legend Jessie Campbell... or at least it would if he were a legend.  Unfortunately, he's terrified of the ball. Though he can make great running catches, if a ball is hit right at him, he'll duck out of the way. And forget about batting. When he and his best friend, Ryder Gonzalez, are abducted by space aliens, the boys learn that the aliens want Ryder to play in the huge Intergalactic Over the Line Tournament. Jessie is only along for the ride. He soon learns, however, that this won't be a simple spectator sport. He'll need to deal with horrors such as space pirates, and, even worse, actually participating on the field. With the help of Ryder, his alien teammates, a cute girl from another planet, and even Mickey Martell, the best baseball player in the Universe, Jessie must learn to push away his fears and focus on learning how to better play the game--both mentally and physically.

And if all of that wasn't enough pressure, there's also whisperings that he may be the fabled Chosen One, destined to bring the championship to his team.  (Amazon)

So now you're all wondering how you can get this amazing tale, right?  Well, you can get the e-version right now by going to Amazon and downloading the Kindle version, going to Barnes and Noble and downloading the Nook version or going to Smashwords and downloading the PDF or just viewing it online. 

But, if you're like me, and you abide by the adage that those e-reading people "can pry my paperback from my cold, dead hands", then you should try to win a free copy.  There's three ways you can do that:

1)  Go to Eric J. Krause's Writing Spot and leave a comment on this post simply saying that you'd like to be entered to win.
2)  Go to Facebook and do the same there.
3)  Follow @ericjkrause on Twitter and retweet his giveaway tweets (they'll all say "RT to enter").

Super easy right?  So, go see Eric, enter to win and you may end up with your very own copy of this awesome story.  And what a Happy Independence Day that would make!
If you can't wait until the 4th, you can download the Kindle version right now or buy it for the Nook if that's your tablet of choice.  Or, if you don't have a tablet, it's available in multiple formats over at Smashwords.  But if, like me, you're still reading paper copies of everything because "you can pry my paperback from my cold, dead hands" then you can enter to win a free paperback copy on July 4th.  Here's how:
- Go to Eric's Writing Spot and leave him a comment on this post just saying "hi" and some variation of "can I have your book?" in the comments and you'll be entered to win.
- Go to this Facebook post and do the same.
- Follow Eric on Twitter @ericjkrause and retweet his tweets about the giveaway.  (The ones that say "RT this to enter!")
Couldn't be simpler!  He'll do the random drawing on July 4th and alert the lucky winner that they've got a copy of the book waiting for them over at Eric's.  (He may even sign it for you if you're real nice!) 
So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Eric's and enter to win!  Cause even if you're still doing the whole firewroks and BBQ thing, you gotta admit it'd be even better with aliens!


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