Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hanging Up

You call me up on the phone
while I’m on my way to work
and leave another vaguely hysterical voicemail. 
That panic in your voice
letting me know
you’re on the cusp.

Your emotions
encroaching on my space.
Suffocating me.

And part of me wants to call you back, right away.
To try to comfort you.
Try to counsel you.
Try to save you.

But then the anger boils up to the surface.
The chaos,
the drama,
one crisis after another.
Your word-
It’s all so familiar to me.

And I remember
who I am now
and who
I no longer choose to be.

So I tuck the phone
back into my pocket
and drive on.


  1. Smart move! We've had had relationships or friendships like that.

  2. Sometimes you have to learn to say 'no'

  3. =( *sigh* Beautiful sentiment, but it makes me sad. I hate it when friendships/relationships die.

  4. No longer the codependent. She is free.

  5. I can relate.

    Have a wonderful Thursday.

  6. Beautifully said, and so hard to do. Good for you!

    Happy Freedom!


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