Friday, February 26, 2016

After the Storm

You can never be too certain  Another squall could start up.  There could be more wind, a backlash of high tides, the skies could blacken again.  People walk around like squirrels- darting and freezing, their heads constantly moving towards the sound or movement sensed from the corner of their eye.

But as the sun emerges and the unnatural stillness takes over there is always the look- the blinking, unsteady gaze of people who've kept their eyes tightly shut in fear.  There's a testing- is the ground steady, the air clear, the passage safe to move forward?  There's a quiet that cannot be mimicked by anything else, by any other circumstances.

And while it will take time, maybe even years, to repair the damage and longer still to understand everything that has happened there is a sense of relief.  The storm has passed.  Life goes on.  Time to rebuild. 

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