Sunday, March 27, 2016


It's funny, but one of the things that kept me where I was was my love of your family.  Ten years of memories and photos and weddings and births.  Countless birthdays and Christmases and dinners.  Countless ways in which we were entwined in the tapestry of each others lives.  And I thought that was love.  I thought it was the best kind of love.

Now, on the other side of everything, finding myself shunned and completely ostricised I see what that love is worth.  I see how easily the light switch is flicked off.  And it's shocking.  Really, beyond comprehension.  To go from family to nothing so quickly is nothing short of jarring.

But I saw something today, something that restored some faith.  Yours wasn't the only family.  They weren't the only people who could welcome someone in and treat them like family.  They weren't the only home I could be embraced by.  Love is everywhere.  In so many more places than I realized before with my narrow world view.

So no, I won't pretend that the severed ties that kept me so tightly bound to your family didn't leave a permanent mark.  But I won't delude myself with the notion that they were the only ties that matter.  I am bound to so many more people than I ever realized when I was with you.  And my love is limitless.

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