Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Express Yourself

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What are you looking forward to in August?

A while back Dave’s best friend got engaged.  Shortly after that his brother got engaged.  The trend is that it takes a year to plan a wedding so we figured the timeline out.  Sure enough, they both fell within the summer of 2013.

We knew it was going to be rough, and I’ve already talked about how much I hate parties (weddings being the ultimate party) so this summer, thus far, has not been a surprise in any way.  But it has sucked.  A LOT.

Because a wedding, as you all know, is not just a wedding.  It’s bridal showers and rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunches (like the wedding itself isn’t bad enough without them turning it into a three day event?  WTF?) and dress shopping and best man speech writing (seriously, I should open an online business I’m so practiced now) and so many conversations with strangers that you start to feel like your brain is going to explode.  This summer has been just as horrible as my dread has led me to believe it would be.  And we’ve still got one wedding to go.

BUT- and here’s what I’m looking forward to- come August 19, WE’RE DONE!  1000% DONE!  And not just for the summer- forever!  My friends are all married already.  (Well, all my friends that I believe are likely to go that route, at least.)  His friends and family are married already.  We don’t know anyone else!  And if we become friends with anyone else in the future we won’t be close enough that either one of us will be in the wedding party!  That’s it!

And I have been looking forward to that ALL SUMMER.

Also, and this almost pales in comparison, but my birthday is next month.  What am I looking forward to the most about that?  You could probably guess: spending the day NOT BEING AT A WEDDING!  No more uncomfortable shoes, no more parties, no more drunk strangers asking me horrifically intrusive questions such as “Why aren’t you two married?” or “So when are you two tying the knot?” or other such things. (Seriously- I got straight-up interrogated by a woman I’ve never met before who was entirely too drunk to get my obvious indications that she was being waaaay inappropriate.  Fun.)  NONE OF THAT. 
Nope, it's just gonna be me, Dave, the puppy, a comfy couch and some video games. Oh! And cake, of course. There must be cake on one's birthday. But NOT wedding cake!


  1. Some people are just so nosey. I'm sorry you don't enjoy these types of events but hope you have a lovely cosy birthday.

  2. Ha! I had to chuckle when I read about the "drunk strangers" asking all sorts of inappropriate questions...
    A toast to Dave, the pooch, a comfy sofa and vid games... oh, and NOT wedding cake... sounds like a blissful scenario!
    Writer In Transit

  3. Happy early birthday! Sounds like you're almost in the clear--hang in there!

  4. I love weddings. ^_^ Granted I go to one about once every 5 years so that might have something to do with it. And I've never been super involved in a wedding. That might also be a factor.

    Happy Upcoming Birthday!! ^_^ Birthday Cake is the best.

  5. I remember when you were in my wedding party two years ago yesterday...I can't believe it's been two years! Anyway, thank you for being true to yourself and always being honest in your blog. My husband hates weddings, too. I'm a sentimental sap and love them...I've seen way too many romantic comedies that end in happily ever after. Anyway, I know you will have a GREAT birthday! :-)

    1. Yours was different- something that laid back and low key is a heck of a lot more fun than the traditional weddings I'm dealing with this summer. A pool party with 20 different kinds of cake? There's nothing bad about that!

  6. Haha, well enjoy your freedom in late August, Bev. You'll certainly have earned it.

    Missed you this weekend. Hope you are otherwise well.

  7. I know how you feel. People always ask me why I am not married either. I don't know how you do the whole wedding thing. I am not against it, but attending a wedding makes me feel uncomfortable, I don't know why. But you still have one to go, so good-luck, though I know you won't need it. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog today and for the award. You are just too kind.

  8. I honestly hate people who ask about things that don't concern them. Thanks for sharing!



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