Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things- July 5th

Happy Friday!  Time to celebrate the small things with Viklit and all the other awesome bloggers out there!  Click on the link to join us!

I Entered Write Club!  I spoke recently about my struggles with brevity and how difficult it is for me to create good stories with few words.  Well, the 500 word cutoff for Write Club entries intimidated the hell out of me!  So I did what all well-meaning but ultimately short-sighted people do: I procrastinated.  Day after day I'd sit down at my computer with every intention of finally writing the damned thing and day after day I'd find some other way to spend that time.  I even tried publicly declaring my intention to enter by posting about it.  Even with that, I put it off.  Till pretty much the zero hour.
BUT- I did finish it and I DID send it in!  YAY!  Now, I have no idea if I'll be chosen to enter the face offs.  But honestly, that doesn't matter as much as defeating my own personal demons on this one.  Cause I came kind-of close to just giving up before I'd even written the thing.  And the fact that I didn't, the fact that I struggled through it and the fact that I ultimately prevailed against my own fear- well, that deserves a celebration!

I hit 500 Blog Posts!  This is old news by now as I've already talked about it at length, but it's still a really big deal and deserves comment on this list.  Cause like many other bloggers, I struggled to find my voice on this blog.  I was a lost soul with zero followers for a long, long time and I nearly gave up more than once.  But I didn't- I kept blogging.  And thanks to Blog Hops like this one I have finally connected with the community I so sorely lacked all those years.  So, YAY for me for not giving up and a super YAY to all you wonderful people for reading!  You rock!

Long Weekend  On the docket: viewing both Man of Steel (I know, we're so late) AND Despicable Me 2 (*squee!!!!*), spending some quality time with the puppy, catching up on some reading, making some tasty baked goods and meals, eating ice cream (of course) and just generally not being at work OR a wedding for more than a day.  Oh, such bliss!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th (even if you're outside the US, I hope your day was wonderful) and wish you a great weekend!  And now, keep hopping!



  1. You'll enjoy Despicable Me 2.
    Glad you entered Write Club!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. All right! You entered Write Club!!
    Enjoy the movies this weekend.

  3. Congratulations on writing your 500 words flash fiction. It really teaches you to be succinct, doesn't it? I started RomanticFridayWriters which used to have a 400 word limit, but now we've upped it to 1,000 words so we can craft a fuller story.


  4. Hurrah to a weekend of time to see movies and do as you wish! Enjoy the ice cream! :)

  5. Glad you entered Write Club! I hope your story goes far :)


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