Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things- The End of July

Hosted, as always, by the splendiferous Vicki!

A Week of Books  This week I took part in the Blogger Book Fair and hosted four fantastic authors and showcased their published works.  It's been fantastic to see all the positive people out there so eager to help out their fellow authors and highlights how warm and wonderful the writing community is.  If you haven't entered to win any of the giveaways yet there's still time: just head on over here and enter the drawings before they close at the end of today!

Taking a Chance  Though I highly suspect this will end in heartache, I took a chance and submitted four of my poems to a poetry magazine.  I really do want to try to get published and I realize that the only way that can happen is if I, you know, try to get published.  I'm trying to steel my nerves against the likelihood of rejection, though, cause I figure chances are good that I won't be accepted anywhere right away.  But still, the fact that I finally put the pedal to the metal and submitted is a good start.

Collaboration  The Tree of Life: Branching Out over on Sam's page is going strong and I'm gearing up to add my two cents  (well, 150 cents, but you know) on Sunday.  I am so friggin' excited, I can't even tell you!  If you're not up to date on the story go here and read the whole thing- seriously, it's amazing.

And now it's time to hop along you Friday celebrators!



  1. Hooray for submitting your work! Well done--you should really be proud of yourself :)

  2. The Blogger Book Fair was so much fun to read!
    That's great you're submitting some of your poetry. I'm sure something good will come out of it. Your poems are really good.

  3. Congratulations on sending out those poems. You've gotta put yourself out there even though it's hard. Good luck.

  4. Good luck with the poems and glad you are participating in the Tree of Life.

  5. Good luck with the poetry submissions.

  6. those are wonderful celebrations! yay for submitting!

    ps, if you want any help putting up the banner, let me know!

  7. You will place them I'm certain!

    I just discovered The Tree of Life and wow, it's ingenious. Can't wait to read your submission, so, so awesome!

  8. Bev, you have to take the plunge and submit your work! Just do it!
    Last week, I submitted a single piece of flash fiction to an online publication (after agonising over whether I should/shouldn't...)
    You know what? It was accepted. The editor said that he loved it. Ha! I'm speechless. It will be published next month.
    So I say - GO FOR IT!
    Your poems are wonderful! You have to try...take that chance...

    I missed the Book Blogger Fair... too much going on and so little time...
    Writer In Transit

  9. Yay for your submissions. Keep a positive attitude. You never know what will happen :)

  10. Well done on the taking the plunge and submitting! GO YOU! Take that chance and best of luck!


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