Monday, November 28, 2011

Life Outside of the Teahouse

Gmail has different backgrounds you can swap out so your e-mail viewing experience is a little more enjoyable. My background is called “teahouse”. It features a little fox in a Japanese teahouse, living a quaint little life.

Every time I check my mail he’s up to something. Giving the birds a bath, tending to his garden, practicing tai chi with his friends, peacefully sweeping up the dust from his floor. He never frets, never worries, never wonders if his time might be better spent doing something other than what he is doing. I envy him that peace of mind. I don’t have it.

I spent my time this evening engaged in some (probably much needed) relaxation- not trying to bang out the end of my novel. The laundry got done, but nothing else.  If I were in the teahouse, I might be at peace with how I spent my evening. But I am not. And I think the fox would’ve taken the time to finish his novel.


  1. I have the fox, too! That little guy got me through writing my Masters thesis. Whenever I was up at 3:00AM, I'd see what he was up to (sleeping, but ghosts are having a tea party in the garden) and think, at least I have something nice to look at in the midst of this hellacious project! Also, I miss you! *glomps*

  2. Omigod Bev. It makes me so happy to know I'm not the only person who loves that god damn fox. He's my boy. The first time I saw the ghosts making merry in his garden I knew I could never ever ever change to a different background. I delayed switching to the new Gmail interface because they hadn't updated his theme to work with it yet.

    I call him Hatfox. He lives a magical simple life in my e-mail window and is always there when I peek into his world.

    I love Hatfox


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