Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Value of a Moment

Ever since she was a little girl she’d always been searching for something. Some message, some meaning more significant than what the moment actually contained. She’d always been told it was her greatest downfall.

All the days that didn’t live up to the hype she’d built up in her mind. All the moments that were overanalyzed in desperate search for something deeper. All the conversations where her flair for drama made the emotions contained disproportionate to the discussion. All the little, inconsequential pauses in her life that she had to probe for something more. It kept her from living in the moment most of the time and cut short her enjoyment of what should have been life’s simple pleasures.

She’d known all this about herself for quite some time and had been trying very hard not to continue the pattern. But she couldn’t help but feel, as the nurse handed the tiny swaddled bundle to her, that this was a significant moment in her life.

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