Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hymnal

Source: Me, taken in Glencairn Museum

They sang the songs of the savior.  They sang the songs of the dead.  They sang the songs of the beginning and the songs of the end.  They sang the songs of triumph and those begging for protection when the strength of their faith was tested.  They sang together and their voices rose up until the heavens themselves caught fire with their songs and burned with their devotion.

But they were only men, not immortals.  They could not carry the songs forever.  And as they died their voices died with them and their songs were etched into their talismans which were buried with them to carry them safely to salvation.

As the years turned into centuries their voices and the power of their songs were forgotten.  Their language died as all those who spoke it moved onto the afterlife; leaving only the symbols of their faith behind them.

But the incense still marked the pages of their scriptures and their songs were still there for all to see.  And the reverent maintained them in their chapels and cathedrals as testaments to what was.


  1. Vestiges of actions remain. Thank goodness.

  2. Oh, that was deep! Beautiful language - wonderful topic!

  3. Great job! I liked the feel of this piece. It had a nostalgic touch to it.

  4. I like how you took the photo and connected with the Hymnal in such a strong way. Great writing.


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