Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Lips

His lips dipped down at the edges throughout the duration of their first date. The worry, tension and firm belief that every word he spoke would make a complete and total fool of him pulling down the corners of his smile. His lips were perpetual motion machines of ill ease.

His lips laughed in gratitude as she cracked the first joke and smiled brightly when her sense of humor turned out to be just as sick and twisted as his. His lips froze in a goofy grin as the initial feelings grew, displaying his infatuation to the world.

His lips whistled mindlessly as he dealt with the days dealing at work, carelessly recalling the little details that would form the foundation of their love affair. His lips shot insults in response to the teasing of his co-workers and grinned maliciously as he refused to disclose the details of the evening.

His lips grabbed at hers with the hunger and ferocity that can only come from having endured a really long dry spell, and then frowned when further advances were rejected. His lips whispered small prayers that she would give in soon as he tried to sleep at night.

His lips let out the groans of pleasure when the relationship was finally consummated, and relaxed in way that he hadn’t in longer than he could remember during the afterglow. His lips whispered the three little words that would confirm her growing suspicions so soon after.

His lips expressed concern for her well being, smiled at her grace, froze at her toughness. His lips displayed a firm commitment to the life they were building together and espoused the dreams they shared.

His lips made promises for better times when life’s inevitable tide turned and grew stiff at the edges as his smile faded. His lips gravitated towards the rigid line they would hold as he pressed on through hurt feelings and daily annoyances.

His lips spat bile towards the object of his affection when the plans were interrupted and refused to offer any show of support to her attempts at reconciliation. His lips held that firm, immovable line as her tearful apologies went unheard.

And in the end, his lips had just a few more wrinkles and lines around the edges than they had before. Signs of the events which had taken place, sediments in the landscape.


  1. I think she's just paying too much attention to them, especially by the time she thinks they're making promises to her.

  2. Oh La La ... a story about lips. Or so it seems in the beginning, then you go deeper, and I like that. I think some people are very good at reading facial expressions, and next to the eyes, lips tell us a lot if we pay attention. Non-verbal communication expresses more than words ...
    There is musicality in starting every paragraphs with His lips. For rhythm and flow I would vary that a bit ... but that may be just a personal preference.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Silvia! It's kind-of rare to get constructive criticism around here and it's seriously helpful.

      I think I've fallen into the trap of over-repetion more than once in my writing and it's an important point to keep in mind.

      Thanks for helping me improve!


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