Sunday, April 10, 2016

Perfect Timing

It's been happening to me a lot lately- the universe coming in and telling me (in unequivocal terms): "I've got this."

Why did I change my entire life around, leave a decade-long relationship and finally take that huge plunge of moving and starting over NOW?  Because I had exactly what I needed in place to be able to do that: the support system, the courage and the fierce self love (all three of which were lacking in the past).

Why did I get this apartment- the one I'm sitting in right now as I type this- at the exact right time to allow me to get off of my friend's couch after only a couple of weeks?  Once again, exactly what I needed- exactly right time.

And why this week, when my current employer threw an unacceptable demand my way did I find myself lining up enough yoga classes to allow me to quit?  Once again- perfect timing.

I've been seeing it everywhere I look lately.  In the people I find myself constantly surrounded by who are constantly saying exactly what I need to hear.  In the course of each and every day as I'm reminded of lessons I desperately need to learn.  In the opportunities that crop up at exactly the precise moment I need them.  The universe has got me, big time.  I have everything I need, exactly when and how I need it.

And I think, and this is the lesson here: I always have.  I just never noticed before.

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