Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Progress Report

Jacob sat in overwhelming anticipation; his heart beating out of his chest as his mother slowly ripped the envelope open with her index finger. He could feel the sweat pouring out of his forehead and wondered if this might be what adults go through when they have a heart attack.

“Well, your c minus is now a b minus which is definitely better. And your English grade went way up,” his mother said, scanning the letter.

“Did she-“ he began, choking on his words. “Did she say anything about me staying with- uh, in the class?” He hesitated, not wanting to give away the real source of his anxiety. Though in the back of his mind he knew- he just knew that if he couldn’t stay in the class with Charlie he wouldn’t make it to middle school.

“She says ‘Jacob has improved significantly since last semester, showing increases in both math and English,” his mother read aloud. “He still needs to work on his attention in science class.” She stopped reading but kept the letter in front of her.

“And? Can I stay?” he asked desperately, his heart threatening to jump straight out of his throat and hit her square in the face.

“And… that’s all she wrote,” she said, putting the letter down and smiling at him.

His muscles relaxed so suddenly that he nearly slumped off the chair.

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