Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Big Reveal

So, apparently it's not enough for some people to blog for 87% of the month, they have to have themes.  Like it's not enough that you're writing, posting, hopping along to other people's blogs and reading their posts, commenting, tweeting and generally going crazy with the whole thing- you have to pick a theme?!?  Really?  What are you, nuts?

Well, apparently I am too because I've decided to pick a theme.  And here it is:

Snapshots.  I've written several fiction pieces that depict a snapshot in time.  Either a particular moment in a character's life, a scene with cinematic features, a place observed for a moment.  The idea is always to try and capture what makes that moment that moment.  So that's the goal for this challenge: 26 snapshots, capturing 26 moments in time, each one written in less than 500 words (because brevity is something I've always struggled with and I could seriously use the practice).  Hopefully, I will be able to precisely capture the moment with a few words that are adeptly chosen and end up with a very clear picture that goes straight to the heart of it. 

I gotta say, it's a little intimidating, this theme.  It's gonna require a lot of concentrated effort and energy on my part.  But then again, what worthwhile endeavor doesn't?  I know it'll be good for me and I need to do it.  So I'm gonna.  Wish me luck!

P.S.- I almost forgot!  It's not too late to sign up for the A to Z Challenge!  You don't have to have a theme or even a clue as to what you're going to write about, you just have to commit to write.  And once you do, you can hop along to all the other bloggers participating in the crazy event with you.  It's gonna be awesome!  Really.


  1. I'm thinking of finally giving this a spin in 2013. It seems like fun and I post daily anyway. It's just coming up with a theme that isn't too self-serving that worries me. The only one coming to mind is the world of my Fantasy novels.

    1. I think A LOT of people would be interested to learn about that world and that does seem like it would be fun for you. I'd go for it!


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