Wednesday, December 14, 2011


One of the best things about this job is the fact that it’s common for my coworkers to get together for a lunch time potluck. We take a slightly extended lunch break, sit in someone’s office munching on yummy foods and chit-chat. For a person like me who’s last job was located deep within the seventh circle of hell this practice is nothing short of a miracle.

Today was no exception. Not only were we celebrating Christmas (I provided the decorations and music) but also the promotion of one of our techs and the birthday of our head nurse. There were warm pretzels, healthy salad and veggies and the usual assortment of munchies. The pinnacle of the tasty treats was a batch of Christmas tree cupcakes made by one our nurses who took a cake decorating class a while back and has since been treating us to some of the most impressively crafted sweets I’ve ever seen. I joyfully gorged myself on food and enjoyed the blessed break from the craziness that is my job. And as much as I enjoyed the Christmas ambiance there was one fact that I found far more enjoyable: that we’ll be doing it again in January.

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