Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Same Old Tune

I know how this is gonna go, but you could surprise me, if you wanted.

You’re going to try to convince them that I’m wrong, that I’m the bad guy, that my design is inept, inexperienced, useless. You will tell them that I cannot help you. You will sing your plight, put on a show. All blame will be directed at me. I don’t blame you though, this is your job.

I, in turn, will do my job. I will let you put on your show, I will be a good audience member. I will not defend myself, because that is not part of my job description. I will simply sit and listen and let you act out your story, even though I’ve already seen how it ends.

You could change the ending, though, as I said. You could say something novel and genuine. You could speak a different language and surprise us all. It’d be great for me, cause this song is way overplayed. But you probably won’t- cause you only know one tune.

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