Monday, February 14, 2011

Recommendation for the Single on Valentine’s Day

Hello all!

Today is Valentine’s Day. The day when those in relationships are guilted into buying sappy cards and fattening chocolates (or jewelry if you’ve got a really pushy lady) for those we love and the day when those who are single feel judged by society for not having someone to buy sappy cards and chocolates for. All in all, a truly ridiculous day.

Now me personally, I did the exchange of sappy cards and chocolates with my sweetie yesterday so I’m perfectly fulfilled. But I remember being single and feeling lonely on this day in the past. (And then feeling ridiculous for feeling lonely on a stupid Hallmark holiday. And then feeling lonely all over again when my friends in relationships bragged about what they got from their sweeties. And then feeling more ridiculous for comparing myself to them. Etc, etc.)

So, in hopes of encouraging those who are single to NOT feel lonely and consequently ridiculous and/or in hopes of consoling those who paid too much for overpriced chocolates, I have a recommendation: My Bloody Valentine. It’s a movie. You should rent it. Now.

It came out in 3D back in 2009 and contains everything you need to get through Valentines Day: doomed relationships, a loveless marriage, and a psycho serial killer terrorizing the townsfolk with a pick-axe! (Not too mention more blood and gore than a Quentin Tarantino movie! Anyone wish for something other than chocolates in their heart-shaped box? We got you covered!)

So, if you’re unattached this February 14th don’t give in to the silly feelings all the commercials might encourage you to feel. Go out, pick up a fun movie and your own chocolates (they should be on sale by the end of today!) and laugh at one of the funniest slasher films ever made! Trust me, it’s a worth-while way to spend your time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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