Friday, October 15, 2010

The Blaster

At age 5 it was considered quite normal for him to play with his toy soldiers. Although tripping over the little green pieces of plastic may have annoyed his parents, no one thought it unusual.
At age 10 it was considered lucky that his favorite subject was history and that he excelled at memorization of war dates and famous generals.
At age 15 Norman had accepted that chicks didn't dig history buffs and accepted his fate as the ridiculously intelligent although forever single head of the school's sparsely populated Society for Historical Reenactments.
At age 18 when guesses as to what he would study in college ranged from heading straight to the military to pursuing a doctorate in order to become a history professor he shocked everyone by skipping college and joining an excavation crew.
At age 23 when he'd been an apprentice for years and his parents had given up on their son "the scholar" he got to head his first demolition as leader.
As he suspected, he'd never experienced any greater thrill in his life than watching a 29 story hotel that had taken years to construct be blasted to smithereens in mere seconds. From the time the dust settled, and for the rest of his short life, he was hooked.

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