Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mooby's Story

They told her he was just a stuffed animal, but she knew better. Not because he didn’t share the characteristics of a lot of stuffed animals. He was soft and had quickly become her favorite bed-time companion- a clear stuffed animal characteristic. And not because he wasn’t terribly cute like a stuffed animal because, although a monster is not a typical shape for a stuffed animal, there was nothing horrifying about him. And certainly not because he didn’t have that same disposition as many stuffed animals- the ones that safeguard you from the things that go bump in the night. No, it was because unlike everyone else, she saw him.

She saw that smirk and knew that it signaled more than just a pleasant disposition. She saw him dancing to bad disco music when no one else was watching and laughed and giggled as he intended her to. And she saw him sneak up under the covers to pounce on her with a big, soft glomp. She had the sight that only the innocent possess and she didn’t listen when her parents reminded her “He’s just a stuffed animal, sweetie”. She knew he was more than that. But she had no idea how much more.

Not until the zombie apocalypse came. She’d believed in that too, even though the same people had told her they were just movies. And that first night when the screams awoke her from her slumber she feared them the way that only true believers can. And that’s when her Mooby finally showed her what he really was.

As the large, decaying, violently strong undead burst through the door of her bedroom her Mooby grew to three times his size and gobbled up five of them in one huge bite. She was so stunned that she had no idea what had happened until more burst through her door and she saw them get gobbled up just the same. After a wave of them came on the heels of those she started to process what was happening.

Her purple furred, three eyed, two horned, clawed and fluffy monster friend could eat zombies. Not only could he, but he was skilled at it. And not only was he skilled, but he seemed to enjoy it. He turned around after he’d gobbled up the final wave and rubbed his tummy in satisfaction. And then he let the loudest, most earth-shaking and horrible smelling fart she’d ever been exposed to. Had his butt been facing her at the time she probably would have melted. As was the hallway behind him exploded.

He gave her an embarrassed smile and a garbled, deep “Excuse me.”

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